mb-mbSometimes, despite regular, high quality, vigorous workouts, we still can’t reach that state of body composition that we desire.  You might already be eating very “clean.” Or, perhaps your cravings for sugar and/or white flour are hindering your progress.

In either case, I can help you fine tune your diet, bringing it to the next level, so to speak, so that your style of eating will truly compliment your workout to help you reach the state of body composition that you desire. You may even notice improved energy, making your workouts even more productive.

I utilize bio-impedance analysis testing (BIA) to track changes in body composition to ensure that your percentage of body fat is going down along with your number on the scale.


"My body was in awesome shape but I needed to lose 10 pounds for a martial arts competition and it just wouldn’t budge. So I went to Maribeth and those ten pounds came right off in about a week. Her BIA test showed that the weight loss came from fat not muscle and the amazing thing is that I wasn’t starving while losing that weight. Actually, I felt total satisfaction and energy and I started to work out even harder. It’s actually the way I like to eat now all the time. ”
-Male electrician, age 36

“I came to Maribeth for cholesterol reduction but during the first visit we talked about how much I work out but just couldn’t budge past a certain number on the scale. I really wanted to lose that last ten pounds. It’s too soon to say what’s happening with my cholesterol because it’s only been about three weeks, but that ten pounds came off right away. I’m really getting into the way I’m eating and adding new foods every week. Also, I’m looking forward to having my cholesterol tested when the program ends.”
Male insurance agent, age 47