Do you have a strong desire to change something about your health circumstances?

Whether you desire weight loss, freedom from cholesterol-lowering drugs, increased energy, improved mood, decreased nasal problems, improved digestion or other health issues - or if you simply want to feel your best and ensure that you are doing all you can for a healthy and productive life - I will work with you, connect with you, educate you and coach you to reach that state of health that awaits you.



8-Week Individualized Program for Disease Prevention

This program is your gateway to a change in behavior leading to a noticeable, measurable improvement in your health and well-being. All clients enter with different goals and the most common results include:



 This weekly coaching program is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  be-apple

Your unique lifestyle is the priority, such as regularity in dining out, travel, taste and cooking preferences, and more. Expect an education, along with as much variety in your diet as you so desire. Learn how to eat out in just about any restaurant, any day of the week. Receive recipes consistent with your taste and level of interest in cooking. Experience what it means to apply the principles of healthy eating to any situation you encounter, and to eventually do so without even thinking about it. You can expect measurable change in a manner so fulfilling that going back to the way you used to eat becomes undesirable.

Click on the topics below for more information on my services:

Weight Loss

Cholesterol Reduction
Improvement of Digestive Problems

Improved Mood and Increased Energy
Decrease or Elimination of Upper Respiratory Problems
Fine-Tuning of the Athletic Body

Single visits also available. Please contact Maribeth for more information or to schedule an appointment.