From weight loss or cholesterol-reduction, to resolved digestive issues, increased energy, improved mood and more, come in for your targeted goal but expect to feel better from head to toe.

"All of these issues and more are addressed in the 8-Week Individualized Program for Disease Prevention"

Weight Loss
Cholesterol Reduction
Improvement of Digestive Problems
Improved Mood and Increased Energy
Decrease or Elimination of Upper Respiratory Problems
Fine-Tuning of the Athletic Body

Weight Lossmujer-naranja

The word “diet” is scary, conjuring up feelings such as deprivation, difficulty, discipline, lack of pleasure, lack of taste, and lack of satisfaction. But to me, a “diet” is just a way to get the number on the scale to go down temporarily, and that’s not what my style of nutrition counseling is about.

Rather, I will teach you how to embrace a style of eating that can become so preferable to one’s regular way of eating so that it becomes habit. And I know that nothing becomes preferable unless it feels really good, which means ease, practicality, deliciousness and fulfillment.

So, if any of these phrases describe you:

  • yoyo dieting accompanied by fluctuating weight
  • intense cravings for sugar, white flour, and/or salty crunchy snacks
  • binge eating
  • feelings of physical and emotional heaviness
  • inability to lose weight despite working out

Then consider this:
Nearly every single one of my weight loss clients experiences dramatic change in the above symptoms. This, accompanied with weight loss, becomes the motivator to stick with new behaviors long enough for them to become real life habits.

From dining out to travel to eating on the road and maintaining busy schedules, the 8-Week Individualized Program for Disease Prevention is a practical program tailored to your lifestyle. Plus, we watch more than just the number on the scale; we utilize bio-impedance analysis testing (BIA) to track changes in body composition to ensure that your percentage of body fat is going down.

Cholesterol Reduction

Research shows that when people follow conventional recommendations to reduce cholesterol, sufficient change to go off or avoid medication does not usually take place. This usually leads to frustration along with the belief that diet doesn’t make a difference and that it’s all about genetics.

Fortunately, it is very possible to restore cholesterol to healthy levels and actually go off medication or prevent your doctor from recommending it to begin with. The trick is in forgoing conventional recommendations in favor of the style of eating that epidemiological and clinical research and demonstrates shows to restore cholesterol to healthy levels. I have twenty years experience in this style of heart-healthy eating and I integrate this knowledge into the 8-Week Individualized Program for Disease Prevention in order to help you clean out your arteries and get heart-healthy.

Clients with high cholesterol and excess body fat tend to experience weight loss, increased energy and increased stamina along with the drop in total cholesterol and LDD. Follow-up testing for cholesterol by your doctor is recommended to take place before and after the program.

“My cholesterol was 244 and my doctor said that it would be impossible to get it down far enough to avoid being on Lipitor. I followed Maribeth’s advice and five months later it was down to 173. Also, I lost about 15 pounds and my energy has skyrocketed. My doctor said that he was amazed and admitted that he had been wrong. He told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing and don’t change a thing.” -Male boatyard worker, age 48

Improvement of Digestive Problems

Do you struggle with bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and intestinal pain? Many of these symptoms can alter one’s life in a very negative way. I will work with you to develop an anti-inflammatory diet with appropriate nutritional support to noticeably improve your digestive system for a better, happier life.

“Thank you Maribeth for helping me help my teenage daughter. Her digestive system took a beating due to a medication that she used to take, and nearly everything she ate caused her a lot of stomach pain. Needless to say, she stopped wanting to eat and lost a lot of weight. Since following the nutritional support program that you recommended, her pain is nearly gone and she she is eating again, gaining healthy weight, and loving it." -Female college professor, age 44

“I came to Maribeth for weight loss but experienced a very unexpected surprise - the gas, bloating and diarrhea that I had for years went away after just a few days.”  -Female real estate agent, age 47

Improved Mood and Increased Energy

Throughout the 8-Week Individualized Program for Disease Prevention, we track over seventy symptoms including those related to emotions, mental acuity and energy level. Most people are surprised at how much these areas improve. Feeling better becomes a major motivator to stick with new behaviors long enough for them to become true life habits.

“I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I eat this way because I’ve learned how good it makes me feel. I’m not worried about going back to my old way of eating because I feel so much better now, and I definitely don’t feel deprived.” - Female gourmet specialty shop owner, age 51

Decrease or Elimination of Upper Respiratory Problems

Whether it’s congestion, sneezing attacks, asthma, or itchy, watery eyes, many nutrition counseling clients come in with some type of ongoing upper respiratory problems and happily notice significant improvement after just a few weeks. Going off over-the-counter and prescription medications (at the advice of your doctor) become very positive side-effects of heathy eating for help with the treatment and prevention of disease.

Fine-Tuning of the Athletic Body

Sometimes, despite regular, high quality, vigorous workouts, we still can’t reach that state of body composition that we desire. In some cases the athlete’s diet is already very “clean;” other times cravings for sugar and white flour or salty, crunchy snacks is a known contributor to the lack of fat loss.

In either case, I can help you fine tune your diet, bringing it to the next level, so to speak, to so that your stye of eating can truly compliment your workout to bring you closer to the state of body composition that you desire.

We utilize bio-impedance analysis testing (BIA) to track changes in body composition to ensure that your percentage of body fat is going down along with your number on the scale.

“I came to Maribeth for cholesterol reduction but during the first visit we talked about how much I work out but just couldn’t budge past a certain number on the scale. I really wanted to lose that last ten pounds. It’s too soon to say what’s happening with my cholesterol because it’s only been about three weeks, but that ten pounds came off right away. I’m really getting into the way I’m eating and adding new foods every week. Also, I’m looking forward to having my cholesterol tested when the program ends.” -Male insurance agent, age 47