Are you vegan but overweight? Are you vegetarian but not sure if you are getting all of your nutrients? Are you an athlete interested in a high-energy diet that maintains ideal body composition AND helps prevent heart disease and cancer? Have you read The China Study or Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease - or watched Forks Over Knives, Peaceable Kingdom or Earthlings - and are excited to embrace a plant-based diet?

If you are among the 24 million people in the US that identify as vegan or vegetarian – or one of the rapidly growing population wanting to give it a try, then I am ready to serve you.

not-vegan2Here is a list of my unique qualifications to help you shift toward, achieve, or improve upon a plant-based diet:

  • Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition by the eCornell University T. Colin Campbell Foundation
  • Vegan since 1992
  • Member of the Board of Trustees, North American Vegetarian Society
  • Associate Editor, Vegetarian Voice Magazine
  • Author of The 4-Ingredient Vegan and Tofu 1-2-3, both in international distribution
  • Presenter on vegan topics at events such as the Annual Conference of the North American Vegetarian Society (Vegetarian Summerfest), New York Capitol Region Vegetarian Expo, La Leche League of Connecticut Annual Conference, Northern Connecticut Vegetarian Society, Unitarian church service, CT Vegetarian & Healthy Living Expo, Vegetarian Club of Canton, OH, Cleveland Animal Rights Alliance, West Shore Vegetarian Group, Rochester Area Vegetarian Society, Natural Nutmeg
  • Presentations at these events include: nutritional advantages of plant-based diet, cross-species consumption of mammalian milk in humans past the age of weaning, raising vegan children, the joy of eating in alignment with our values, nutrition mythbusters for teens
  • Host of vegan cooking DVD with former Olympic track star Carl Lewis
  • Extensive experience as a vegan cooking instructor for heart health, lactose intolerance, quick and easy meals, holiday cooking, getting your greens, dairy-free desserts, party appetizers and more
  • Guest on radio shows such as Make Your Mouth Happy with Tina Marie Jones, TheAllieB, The Jazzy Vegetarian, The Doctor Don Show, and more
  • Former corporate chef for Vitasoy USA
  • Mother of two teenagers, vegan since birth

Not interested in being vegan? No problem! Most of my clients are not vegan or vegetarian.